A PCT Application protects the priority date of your invention for up to 30 months from the earliest filing date, and longer in some countries, keeping your rights open in most countries internationally. You can file for a PCT application right away as the first filing, in which case you will file any national applications 30 months later, or you can file a US provisional or non-provisional patent application first, and file the PCT as a second filing within 12 months of the first filing.




The PCT process provides for a review of the application by the PCT office, wherein you’ll receive a search report and office action that is indicative of objections your applications would face at the national entry stage, and you’ll have a chance to remedy these. Additionally, you receive an extension of 18 months to the priority period.



For moving the prosecution of your PCT and international application forward to issuance as quickly as possible, we recommend filing a US non-provisional patent, and filing the PCT at the 12-month mark. The US patent will enter examination and may issue before the 30-month deadline, in which case you will have a good idea of the claims scope you can expect in other countries.


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We often receive questions on the cost of a pct application. PCT Fees vary depending on the extent of the invention, the filing attorney service fees and any additional translation fees incurred. Official fees delegated by the international patent system will be dependent on what is included in your application, length of application and your entity status.

We work with you to keep service costs down and strategically partner with foreign associates who value the solo inventors and want to see your success. We will relay all official fees to you upfront when we begin discussions so there are no suprise costs.