Recent court decisions support patentability of apps with new technology and algorithms.

When we prepare your mobile app patent application, we focus on the novel and inventive aspects. That is to say, we take the unique features of your app that no one else offers and make claims to protect how they work within your app. So, as long as your app has at least one additional functionality that others do not offer, we can file to protect it. Give us a call to discuss, free of charge: 858.263.7554. 


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Glenn Von Tersch,  Patent Attorney

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Glenn's electrical engineering and computer science background led to a special interest in app & software patents.


 Arpee_MUPatents_Bio.jpgArpee Apoyan, Intellectual Property Consultant

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Arpee has a technical background in biology and can assist you with our business services to start your patenting and trademark projects. 

Our App Background

MU Patents specializes in protecting apps before the development process. Many of our attorneys have a background in software and thus are able to work with you or directly with your developers to encapsulate the inventive features of your app in a patent application to file in the US and internationally. As we're patenting an app, we draft your application to anticipate USPTO objections down the line, and take into account national variation in patent laws.

Since many of the patents we file are for apps, we are well versed on responses to 101 and Alice rejections. Once issued, your app patent is an asset of your business and will give you the competitive edge needed to succeed in the app marketplace.

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You want to create a mobile app, we want to make sure no one can copy it.

MU Patents three-point approach 

to help you overcome Alice objections


The main subject matter objection for app patents, where it arises, is the Alice rejection. The recent Supreme Court Decision of Alice Corp. versus CLS Bank International basically prevents longstanding economic practices from being put in the form of software.

 The three-point approach:

  • When drafting applications, we look to focus on what is new about the app, over longstanding commercial practice.
  • We ensure that the app offers “something more” to pass the second branch of the Alice test.
  • Where applicable, we bring in hardware or external devices to avoid an application of Alice entirely.


We’ll be happy to use our familiarity with Alice and our success in past allowances to provide an assessment of the likelihood of success of your app patent. 

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During the application drafting process, we are cognizant of the US and International requirements for app patentability and draft the application to allow the best protection possible. We can facilitate international filing and let you know the best international filing strategies for your desired goals.



Apps are just one of our specialties. If you want a broader understand of patent filing and your different options, we recommend learning the US Patent basics of provisionals and non-provisionals. 

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About our team

We love what we do. Patents are an accumulation of innovative ideas, hard work, and a serious dedication to a dream. We believe to encourage continued innovation of solo inventors and small businesses there needs to be teams out there that can make the cutting edge ideas actually happen. Our commitment to service means a frank discussion of your patent goals, a tailored strategy to meet those goals, at affordable, flat rate prices.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement allows you to disclose an idea to another party, like an investor or developer, giving you contractual ownership of the disclosed information.

Additionally, an NDA covers the broad disclosure of the technology, not just the new aspects. 

It does require the agreement of the party to whom the information is being disclosed, and recipients may not be willing to sign an NDA.

Copyright Your App Idea

Copyright protects two main aspects of an app:

The look and feel of the app design and the code that makes the app work and runs the back end.

Usually copyright is approached as the app development is nearing completion and the look and feel are finalized. The code and images representing the look and feel can be filed with the copyright office once the app is published.

Trademark Application

A trademark filing will quickly protect your brand name from competitors in your feild. It can give you national protection for your trademark,  as long as you are first in line for the application or your are using the mark.

We first perform a trademark search to see if the mark has already been taken. If not, we can prepare and file the trademark application within 24 hours to reserve your mark.

Common misspellings: patten, patant, patend, paton, patton