How does Copyright Work?

First, what is copyright? The Copyright Act protects “original works of authorship”. In particular,  what can be copyrighted for computer or mobile programs extends to written code as an original work of authorship, and original brand design. App copyright protection is approached as the app development is nearing completion as copyright doesn't protect an idea, so the scope and functionality of the app must be finalized. 

Copyright protects two main aspects of an app:

Look & Feel

As you near the end of app development and prep for launch, you can file a copyright on the look and feel of the app design. This will protect the logo, color scheme and overall aesthetics so competitors can't rip off brand style.

App Code

Once the app is published, you can copyright the backend code that makes the different aspects of the app function. This way, the written code cannot be duplicated by a competitor attempting to create a similar app.

1. Send

Send us details of the information you want for your app protection, the authors of the information and the date of publication.

2. Confirm

You'll need to confirm the invention owner’s information and whether the work was done for hire.

3. File

We’ll prepare and file the application including all information with the USPTO and report to you on all developments.



We can file a copyright for your app within 24 hours. 

After we submit your app copyright, you will receive a confirmation of your filing, a copyright registration that gives you the date on which you created the work, and a record of the work with a presumption of validity.


About the MU Patents Team

We love what we do. Good inventions are an accumulation of innovative ideas, hard work, and a serious dedication to a dream. We believe to encourage solo inventors and small businesses to protect their ideas, there needs to be teams out there that can make it happen at affordable prices. Our commitment to service means a frank discussion of your copyright goals, a tailored strategy to meet those goals, at flat rate prices.


"Really happy with the work done by MU patents! They are very professional and they are accurate with their initial estimates, no unexpected surprises! Looking forward to working on my futur IP needs with you guys and will also be recommending you to others! Thank you!" 

- Alexander Cloutier