How can you share an app idea with investors or developers without fear they will take your idea?

A non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement allows you to disclose an idea to another party, like an investor or developer, giving you contractual ownership of the disclosed information. It is one of the only ways to prevent someone unscrupulously taking your new idea. Additionally, it covers the broad disclosure of the technology, not just the new aspects. However, it does require the agreement of the party to whom the information is being disclosed, and recipients may not be willing to sign an NDA.

What Not To Do

Go with a boiler plate NDA like those available online from legal document companies. 

  • Their generality makes it difficult to enforce to the extent you'll need
  • A custom NDA that addresses the disclosure in detail will give maximum protection when seeking an investment/development deal.
  • Specifically drawn documents will be more inviting to investors or developers to sign as the agreement will unnecessarily hamper their activities.

What We Promise

We can prepare a custom non-disclosure agreement for you within 24 hours. Once you send us information about the disclosure you'll be making, the context and the identity of the other parties, we will:

  • Draft a clear, concise document for you with highlighted points as to the options you may want to include.
  • Discuss and review the document with you, taking into account any comments from you.
  • Finalize the agreement so that it can be used with multiple parties to keep your ownership of the idea.


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Client Testimonials 


"I called this team SO stressed out last month! With in minutes all of my worries and stress was GONE! Such an amazing experience! I am looking forward to a long relationship with my new friends at MU Patents!" 



"Really happy with the work done by MU patents! They are very professional and they are accurate with their initial estimates, no unexpected surprises! Looking forward to working on my futur IP needs with you guys and will also be recommending you to others! 




"Having dealt with patent attorneys in the past, I was a little trepidatious when I contacted MU Patents. Immediatly Nyall Engfield put my fears to rest. He explained, in terms I could understand, what was involved, how he was going to approach and then solve the problem. " 


Meet the Team

We love what we do.  We believe to encourage individuals and small businesses to continue inventing, there needs to be teams out there that can protect them and make their cutting edge ideas happen. Our commitment to protecting your interests means a frank discussion of your invention goals, a tailored strategy to meet those goals, at an affordable, flat rate price.