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We are a premiere San Diego patent firm, our patent attorneys focus on affordable, quality IP services locally, nationally and internationally. We believe the individual and small business innovators deserve the highest level of attention and commitment when pursuing their inventions, without having to worry about how much a patent costs. Download our Schedule of Fees to review our new flat rate prices, you'll find they are lower than the average patent attorney fees, without sacrificing experience.


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  • App Developers and individual inventors: Whether it's your first time filing or you need help addressing a USPTO office action, let us help you patent the technology you're planning to make the next big thing, on a not-so-big budget.
  • Business to Business: Does your team need assistance to acquire a patent on the latest company innovation? We're experienced in working with in-house teams to facilitate your business's intellectual property goals.
  • UK and foreign attorneys: We are your simple solution for all US patent filings. See how we can work together to help clients on both sides of the pond achieve their dreams.

We updated our fees for 2017 on the first of January. You can now download our Schedule of fees to see our current rates on all services. An upfront answer to how much a patent costs.